Finding the right people for any business is critical. It’s not just the skills that are hard to find, they must ‘fit’ into your culture and be an asset to the business.
I have been a recruitment consultant for over 15 years. The one constant has been the struggle by employers
to find essential skills for their business.
• Recruitment is not for the faint hearted.
• It can be time consuming.
• It can be frustrating.
• It can damage your brand and business if not managed properly — conversely, manage the process well and you only enhance your businesses’ reputation.

Sometimes — rarely — the planets align and you find the perfect person. It happens quickly and you all live happily ever after.
Following are three essential tips for anyone hiring staff. Ignore at your peril.

  1. Respond
    If they are unsuccessful — inform them. If you are interested — move swiftly. The right skills are like gold dust, hens’ teeth, talking unicorns — you get the idea. It is one of the most common complaints I hear from candidates. It is bad for your brand. I have had candidates complain that they don’t want a job after being left hanging for weeks with no communication.
  2. Onsite testing
    Invest the time in having the candidate spend time onsite. Get them to spend time with your team. Observe what is actually involved on a daily basis. How do they interact with everyone?
    Indulge in a little onsite testing if appropriate. (This is proven to be better than any reference check.)
    Follow up with the team. Thoughts? Observations? The least scientific but disastrous if ignored.
    Our instinct is designed to protect us. Cavemen listened to it and the Neanderthals can thank it for their survival.
    If you think something is amiss — double check. Ask questions. Double check.

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