I have worked in manufacturing most of my adult life in some way, shape or form. I have an affinity for manufacturing; manufacturing is tangible, innovative and productive.

Sadly, in NZ , it is also vastly unrecognised and underestimated.

For the last 18 years’ I have recruited for the manufacturing and trades sectors. Most of my clients are mid- sized, NZ owned businesses. I work closely with business owners, so I am in a unique position to comment on how the Government can provide better support to businesses, based on my observations and personal experience.

My father owned a business, my brother is self employed and for the last two years, I have run my own recruitment business. I have first hand knowledge of the stresses, challenges and rewards of owning and running a business.

Following are the four areas I see as real challenges for manufacturing, and some practical suggestions as to how the Government can provide meaningful and practical support.

I could have written more.I haven’t touched on R&D or the desperate need for Wellington and the Hutt Valley’s infrastructure to be improved. Brevity is key here though.